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Oracle Netsuite eCommerce Builder Review
In a nutshell: Oracle NetSuite offers merchants a cloud-based eCommerce solution to deliver unique and engaging B2B/B2C online experiences and boost business growth.
Oracle Netsuite eCommerce Builder Review
In a nutshell: Oracle NetSuite offers merchants a cloud-based eCommerce solution to deliver unique and engaging B2B/B2C online experiences and boost business growth.
Oracle Netsuite eCommerce Builder Review


With the online shopping world continuing to grow, having a reliable eCommerce platform is more important than ever. No longer is eCommerce simply an element within a business, but a core component. Oracle NetSuite understands the importance of this, and that’s why they have launched NetSuite SuiteCommerce.

The company has established an integrated eCommerce solution that combines businesses online, in-store, and mobile shopping into one easy-to-use platform. By connecting these different channels, you can easily manage orders, inventory, merchandise, marketing, finances, and customer service all from one place.

Oracle NetSuite eCommerce makes managing your business easier. The platform is designed to make online experiences enjoyable for customers and efficient for the company. Businesses can now drive more traffic to web stores, convert browsers into customers, and increase online revenue with an easy-to-use eCommerce platform. It’s even got built-in features that guide you to a place of success - a platform that encourages your business to grow.

Who is Oracle NetSuite Ideal For?

Are you a business inspired to grow and evolve alongside modern technology? Oracle NetSuite has what it takes to get you there with its Suitecommerce platform.

If you would appreciate a little extra help with managing your company, all from the convenience of one space, then the NetSuite e-commerce platform is your solution. Free up more time to focus on your business and growth. As a single cloud-based platform, you can manage various elements of your business, all from one place. Even if you don’t see yourself as tech-savvy, you can benefit greatly from this platform with the feature-rich software that makes it easy to operate.


Let’s take a closer look at the industry-leading features that make NetSuite SuiteCommerce stand out:

  • Integrate all channels: What better way to manage your business than integrating all channels into one place? NetSuite eCommerce allows you to seamlessly connect in-store, mobile, and web channels allowing you to have a better overview of your entire business.
  • Supports both B2C and B2C: A single platform supports both consumer buyers and business buyers.
  • Flexible selling: Choose to sell through multiple brands, languages, currencies, and geographical locations all from one cloud-based platform - a key benefit to please any type of customer.
  • Drag & drop tools: With the convenience of these tools, you can easily edit and manage content on your website. Scheduling features allow you to work on various aspects on your site at once, then choose a time for it to become effective -a great time-saving feature.
  • Adaptable content: Rather than spending hours, days, or even months creating different content for different platforms, NetSuite allows you to create content that will be supported over all devices, including computers, mobiles, and tablets.
  • SEO tools: Optimize your business online with NetSuite. SuiteApp offers a built-in content delivery feature to manage page titles, meta descriptions, and headers.
  • SuiteSuccess for SuiteCommerce: Find the support you need to grow your business with the help of SuiteSuccess, an additional perk that comes with NetSuite eCommerce. Receive help and guidance along the way with their team of experts who will create a high-quality online store in less than 30 days.

Payment Options

Oracle NetSuite ensures that all customers can pay with its eCommerce platform. The company has set up a variety of different payment methods, covering both regional and international payment gateways. If you need assistance in setting up a new payment gateway, you can receive support from their administrators.

Plans and Pricing

Oracle NetSuite understands that every business is different, and what works for one company may not work for another. That’s why they offer unique pricing plans for each customer.

To find out more, you can complete a short application form on the website by providing some basic personal and business information. Then an Oracle NetSuite representative will get in touch with you to discuss the best options for your company. Typically, the base license costs $999 per month with an access cost of $99 per user, which makes this a costly option in comparison to other eCommerce companies.

Customer Support

Oracle NetSuite does all it can to ensure that you are supported throughout your eCommerce journey. That’s why they have created SuiteSupport, a support system that provides technical assistance and relative support resources. With this, you will have access to 24/7 customer support, a NetSuite user community, and a technical support portal.

At any time, you can access the SuiteAnswers area, a searchable knowledge center that provides solutions to any of your problems through articles, FAQs, and training videos. Furthermore, if you wish to speak to a member of the Oracle NetSuite team directly, you can reach the customer care team through online chat or phone. Each office has its own contact number so make sure to check on the official website for the appropriate details.

Bottom Line

Oracle NetSuite is a cloud-based eCommerce solution that enables merchants to deliver unique and engaging B2B and B2C online experiences.

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  • Customizable eCommerce solution
  • Real-time reporting
  • Multi-language capabilities
  • Responsive design themes
  • No free version
Most Commonly Asked Questions about eCommerce Website Builders
What is ecommerce and why is it important?
Ecommerce refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. It's essential for businesses today as it offers a vast market reach, operates 24/7, and provides opportunities for scaling. Therefore, learning how to sell online and how to build online platform successfully is key. By utilizing the best ecommerce platforms, businesses can efficiently manage their online store, leading to increased sales and growth.
How do I start an ecommerce business?
To start an online store, you'll need to:

  • Research a niche or product.
  • Choose the right e-commerce platform.
  • Build an online store, which involves selecting a domain, designing your site, and listing products.
  • Implement payment gateways and ensure secure transactions.
  • Market your store using strategies like SEO, email marketing, and social media promotions.
  • Start your online store and sell your products online
What should I look for if I'm just starting my online store?
When selecting the best site to sell or start an online store, consider different pricing plans offered by ecommerce platforms to meet the needs of various businesses. To build your own ecommerce platform, look for less expensive options if you are opening a new business and check user limits if you have staff. Assess how many products you want to sell and whether the platform can accommodate those needs. Use our comparison tool to compare the prices and features of each ecommerce site.
How can an online ecommerce website builder help me grow my business?
An ecommerce website builder provides tools and features that simplify the process of building an online store. With features like SEO optimization, Google ad credits, email marketing, and responsive templates, these builders can significantly boost your online presence and sales. Analytic tools give insights into your customer base and help you reach them more effectively. Improved site usability, better customer support, or features like abandoned shopping cart alerts can enhance customer experience. Moreover, the ability to sell online and sell online products through social media or via mobile may increase sales.
What kind of POS and payment options can I use at my online store?
All ecommerce website builders will offer options for your customers to buy products at your store. Check if a good ecommerce site accepts major payment methods in your preferred currency. Verify if the platform and plan include any transaction fees with credit card purchases and ensure it provides security to protect against fraud and secure financial information during transactions.
Which ecommerce site makes the most sense for my business?
When deciding where to sell online and choosing the best ecommerce builder for your business, you should consider a few factors such as budget, product offering, number of staff, and experience with websites. Check out which ecommerce sites are often ranked among the best ecommerce websites for their comprehensive features at a great value.
What's the significance of a mobile-optimized platform in ecommerce?
With the increasing number of users shopping on mobile devices, having a mobile-optimized platform is crucial. It ensures a seamless shopping experience, which can lead to increased sales and customer retention.
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